Call 320-438-7070 or email apfyvolunteers@apfy.org.

A Place for You has an immediate need for volunteers who have a passion to help those less fortunate. Needed now are volunteers to answer the phone and assist the case manager and director with office support activities. Call 320-438-7070 or email apfyvolunteers@apfy.org.

Why Volunteer at APFY?

Call 320-438-7070 or email apfyvolunteers@apfy.org.

A Place For You functions because of our volunteers. Volunteers are able to gain many different skills while at APFY, which include, but aren't limited to, experiences in academics, employment, professional and personal goals. A Place For You has many different areas to volunteer in, and many different times to volunteer at, so we offer a wide range of times for our volunteers. All volunteers are appreciated and will be recognized for all of the work that they do for the shelter, not only by staff, but also by the residents. If there are questions you can call us at 320-438-7070 or email at apfyvolunteers@apfy.org

What Opportunities are there?

Call 320-438-7070 or email apfyvolunteers@apfy.org.

Shelter Advisory Board Volunteer
"Be the one who points what is going right & helps out what is going wrong."

Our Advisory Board meets twice a year in late afternoon at a location chosen by majority of the members.
Advisory Board assists the Governing Board & Executive Director to promote the mission of the shelter & services to our residents in the communities the Shelter serves. The Advisory Board helps keep the Shelter accountable to its stakeholders, offers community support for residents & shares ideas to further enhance our vision & purpose.

ALL ARE WELCOME & VALUED! If interested, email mviney@apfy.org.

Staff Support Volunteer
Staff Support Volunteers assist with the morning and afternoon operations of the shelter. They help cover the front desk by taking calls, helping perform intakes, providing information to callers and to the residents of the shelter. Hours are flexible and are decided by you!

Activities Volunteer
If you have an activity that you enjoy sharing with others, then this is for you. Volunteers are able to participate in a variety of things with the residents, which include activities that are of interest to the residents and the volunteer. These activities can include, but aren't limited to, playing cards or board games, going for walks or runs, attending a sporting event or church service, going fishing, reading, and teaching new skills. The hours for these volunteers are also flexible, this is whenever the events are held or when a volunteer schedules a time to meet with the residents.

Volunteer Driver
Volunteer Drivers play a huge role in helping get the residents into stable housing. Volunteer Drivers pick up the residents and bring them to appointments, work and apartment showings. Drivers are on an as needed basis, so some weeks they may be used a lot while other weeks we won't need drivers. Drivers are able to sign up through emails that are sent out as to when they are needed and able to drive.

MealTrain Volunteer
Meal Train Volunteers are a necessity to A Place For You. These volunteers take turns to keep the residents well fed! MealTrain volunteers select a date to cook dinner for the residents. This is a rather large task, because these volunteers cook for 10 people and provide the entire evening meal for the date they select. MealTrain Volunteers are always welcome to sign up as an individual or as a group. This can be a fun event for Church Groups, Boy/Girl Scout Troops, Neighborhood Groups, etc.  Please refer to the Meal Train Page or call us at 320-438-7070 for more info.

What do I need to be able to volunteer?
In order to volunteer you have to fill out an application. Click here for the Volunteer Application. Once you download the application you can print it, fill it out and return it to the shelter in person or by mail to 220 3rd Ave. SE, Pine City, MN 55063. You can also email it back to us at apfyvolunteers@apfy.org or fax it to us at 320-438-7071. If there are any questions about anything you can call us at 320-438-7070.

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